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Save Time With Packaged Services

Stress Less With Packaged Services

Save money by combining your cleaning with our most popular optional services as a custom packaged services. Packaged services are a great way to pamper your home! Packaged services are like a spa day for your house. Packaged services from Clean Freak save you time and money.

Packaged Service One: The Kitchen:Packaged Services
Whole house cleaning combined with oven cleaning and fridge and freezer clean out. This packaged service is great for when you have guests coming to stay, or if you are just wanting that little extra. This packaged service is very popular during the holidays and MUST be booked in advance.

Packaged Service Two: The Kitchen Deluxe:Packaged Services
Whole house cleaning combined with oven cleaning, fridge and freezer cleanout, and inside cabinets. This packaged service is great for those wanting a spring clean feel! Please be aware that cabinets requiring organizing will add to the cost of this packaged service. We can not book this packaged service with out seeing your home prior to booking so that we can estimate the time accordingly.

Packaged Service Three: The Party:Packaged Services
Whole house cleaning and up to 2hours party decorating. (Additional hours can be purchased). Whether you are hosting a birthday party, graduation party, super bowl party, or any other party; this packaged service can be a life saver! You simply provide the décor and you can let our creative staff decorate, or you can leave specific decorating instructions. Don’t stress yourself out getting ready for that next big event! Call today and order this packaged service from Clean Freak!

Packaged Service Four: Carpet and Rugs:

Whole house cleaning combined with carpet and rug cleaning. When it comes to packaged services, this package will leave your home feeling refreshed. Please note that rugs containing silk and some oriental rugs are not included in the packaged service, as they require specialized cleaning.

Packaged Service Five: Windows:

Packaged Services

Whole house cleaning combined with outside window cleaning. For this packaged service we will need the total window count as well as location (first floor, second floor) to properly quote the services.

Call us today for pricing. All packaged services depend on size of home for pricing.

All packaged services will require extra time. Packaged services that include carpet cleaning will need to allow time for carpets to dry.

Packaged services can be customized. Contact us if there is something else you would like to see included in your packaged services.

Call Clean Freak at 281-990-2479 today for a quote on packaged services!

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